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a strong sense of teamwork

More than four years experience in mechanical design, the work can be better to use our expertise to solve the problem, the implementation of practical skills and ability; honest, responsible, superior to the timely and effective completion of tasks ; correctly handling interpersonal relationships, a strong sense of teamwork, skilled use of Office software and Solidworks, Autocad and other mechanical design software category.Work in earnest, sincere, outstanding professional competence, haracter, calm, learning ability, proactive, good communication, good team spirit.I have a very cheerful character and am good at communicating. I have several hobbies including billiards, climbing, table tennis, badmitton, basketball, music, news, travel, shopping and picnics with my friends. I am very responsible and look forward to challenging job.Skills and Strengths
I'd like to communicate with each other in English or Japanese. I have the C1 drivers license. I am proficient in the normal office software. I am familliar with the relevant international standards including ISO9001, QC080000, ISO14001, 6S, ISO/TS16949 , RoHS.Fortune 500 companies for two years procurement experience; three Fortune 500 companies supplier management experience and two years experience in project management, manufacturing
Professional skills and expertiseAttended the CIPS certification training and examinations. CIPS is the British Royal Institute of Purchasing and Supply (Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply) abbreviation Four of the main courses are as follows:Processes and experiences from people's creativity and try, and today many companies do not want something for nothing in return people to use other companies for its own purposes. The so-called experience, nothing more than the stuff used on the company copied to the next company, again and again, regardless of whether the results, very old on the line. This experience is it poison the workplace?There are two people, one is "dead only" so-called relevant work experience; one is "live only" master a question of thinkingwedding dress details andy . Quickly from among the sum of useful information elements, and based on environmental analysis, to determine finally find the right program to be implemented. Such people would have a sustainable competitive advantage. I believe he is the latter.Five years experience in the software industry, including two years experience in the mobile industry. Now works with Sharp Corporation, Sharp smartphone is responsible for carrier customization projects to promote Sharp mobile phone operators access to technology through the test.Has extensive experience in product management and project management.Character Ralph Lauren Italy, optimistic, cheerful, strong sense of responsibility, as a college class groups organized by the Ministry Committee member, have a strong sense of teamwork, good communication with others. Diligent and thoughtfl, curious, learning excellence, innovation and the ability conspicuous. Have strong organizational planning and leadership cakes lily
Professional skills and expertiseFamiliar with software design and development process, familiar with the needs of user-oriented design. Prominent English, fluent in English conversation, but also be able to write high quality English documentation. Have good communication engineering background. Master wireless communication network, information transmission system the basic principles and techniques. In particular, depth of understanding and awareness of Bluetooth technology, and 3G, Wi-Fi, Polo Ralph Lauren WiMAX and other technologies have a basis understanding. Acquire a certain C / C + + development skills. A preliminary VB, MatLab, JAVASCRIPT, assembly language and VHDL language foundation and practical experience. Proficiency in Office productivity tools, and other commonly used software

Collaborative team leadership experience

8-year cross-border foreign work experience, 5 years project management experience, working overseas background. Collaborative team leadership experience, to quickly set up, leadership, team building and efficient implementation. Learning adaptability, strong analytical and problem-solving ability, excellent communication skills and proficiency in English writing ability of the document.After graduation, I have been working more than seven years, has been engaged in the machinery industry related work. Now the industry is almost non-standard equipment for six years.Realistic, honest, diligent, responsible, and have a good team spirit. English-speaking countries six through college, professional knowledge and a solid, after several years of practical learning applications, is the theory of automated production equipment design and development methods are more familiar with, relevant commissioning experience is more abundant.There are six years of state-owned architectural actual financial experience, with a solid professional foundation, a good work ethic, high sense of responsibility. There is a strong learning ability and practical ability, team spirit and good heart quality. Certain accounting, auditing, financial analysis work experience, will use financial software. Proficiency in operating various office software such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint and so on. I have a positive attitude, cheerful, and steady.--- Honesty, integrity, reliable, high sense of responsibility, the company's collective cause a high degree of mission;-Wedding Favor Ideas ---- Cheerful, humorous, good teamwork, good communication skills;----- With eloquence, training, lectures expertise;----- Love of learning, clever, fast receiver with new knowledge and ability to adapt to the new environment, good teamwork;--Pony Ralph Lauren --- With external qualities, focus on internal self-cultivation;--- With a strong self-discipline, independent work and ability to withstand pressure6 years of financial work experience, familiar with international finance, taxation, auditing policies and regulations, a strong sense of responsibility and sense of teamwork, character, poise, careful. Have a strong sensitivity and good business sense and management capability; strong communication skills and writing skills; in capital operation, cost control, budgeting, reporting, internal control and auditing known, Proficiency in office software OFFICE and financial software (such as UF, SAP, etc.).12 years experience in business management, with foreign, state-owned, group of business management experience; familiar with national and local labor policies, familiar with the administration and human resources management program; have a keen sense of observation and analysis; to think that systematic and comprehensive human resource issues; doing things calm and good professionalism and dedication, collaboration and strong; warm and friendly, frank and straightforward, focusing on learning, just diligent work, receiving the courage to try new things; good with people, have a generous heart, energetic , and competent; management experience, the courage to break, good resources, integration, system optimization and process reengineering work; on the human cost of the control consciousness of good, good scientific, rational, step by step to control labor costs;Delicate Wedding Favors adept at creating a corporate culture and enterprise management system combined to shape the enterprise of staff Ralph Lauren camicie
/ re-create the work, enhance cohesion, and promote solidarity, enhance the execution, and reduce the rapid development of the external economic environment and the talent market dependence; good and is ready to handle a variety of complex interpersonal dispute, good organization and coordination; good at building efficient, robust, highly specialized team of human resources; image quality, good affinity. s

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integration and testing and technical consultation

English + Electronic Information Engineering. 5.6 years experience. PM and Sr. information consultant. TEM4&8 Excellent, CATTI&NAETI certified. Project management, proposal writing and presentation for project opportunities, library analysis report, process documentation, template creation, work description,ed hardy trousers function description, troubleshooting, maintenance, online help, user guide, release notes, installation/configuration guide, user tutorial, test case, case study, doc translation, etc. ed hardy Jeff Lu has around 9 years of experience in communication and consumer industry of more than 8 years in DSP area.{application engineer, support ZTE,Huawei and ASBTD,LTE Driver,optimization,hardware}ed hardy hoodies
Seek a principal/senior DSP engineer position in communication or consumer industry. Research and Development expertise and interests includeed hardy clothes telecommunication system design and its DSP implementationed hardy shirts, system optimization, integration and testing and technical consultationi like my life lasting forever with my heart freeexpress our point of viewMake New Friends

CFA Candidate

With solid overseas studying experience in Canada and Hong Kong, equipped with relevant accounting, corporate finance, M&A working experiences in PwC HK, I would like to apply for an appropriate football jerseys
(Qualified ACCA member,cheap nfl jerseys CFA Candidate)
2007-Present, Senior Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers HK
2007 Graduate, MSc in Economics, HKUST
2006 BBA in Financial Economics & Computer Science, UWO, CANADA
(Qualified ACCA member, CFA Candidate)
Career Objective:Looking for applying state-of-the-art education and capabilities of analysis, clients-oriented, communication, team working and problem-solving gained in PwC Hong Kong within a fast-growing tn
Ability to work with high responsibility, initiativejerseys monster, sense of teamwork and logical thinking.With good electronicscheap authentic nfl jerseys, semi-conductor background and excellent management experiences.

we are the leader in our life
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reviewed data going back to 1969.Moonlight shadow Adjusted for inflation, however, home prices were essentially flat throughout the 1980s and the first half of the 1990s, says Zandi, who also took part in the survey. The recession wiped out 8.2 million jobs. Zandi and other economists had previously forecast that Travel around the worldunemployment, which reached 10.1 percent in October, would peak at 11 percent this year. Zandi now expects joblessness to climb again from the current 9.7 percent and reach 10.2 percent by December. That's because many people who have quit looking for work and aren't counted as unemployed will start looking again and because job creation will remain weak. Life is beautiful
Employers have begun to add jobs recently, including 162,000 in March. Economists surveyed foresee additional job creation over the next three Sun shine in the rain months, but not enough to reduce the unemployment rate significantly. They predict job gains of roughly 200,000 in April, 250,000 in May and 125,000 in JuneDelicious cooking . About 125,000 new jobs are needed each month just to keep up with population growth and prevent the unemployment rate from rising. To reduce the jobless rate significantly, employers would need to consistently add 200,000 to 300,000 a month.
"The labor market is the scar left over from the economic trauma that we've been through," says Sean Snaith, economics professor at the University of Central Florida, who took part in the survey. "It will be slow to fade."
Ann DeRoo, 40, of Fairfield, Ohio, began digging into savings to pay home and car loans after her husband was laid off from a trucking job earlier this year. DeRoo, who has three children, has also put off buying new clothes or shoes. Her son, who graduates from college in June, may have to move back home if he can't find a job.


But there's a catch. Sales are forecast toyou miss the sun rise in part because of another anticipated wave of foreclosures. That will keep prices from rising — and consumers from spending freely. Surging home equity spurred spending during the housing boom of the last decade. A troupe of little vagrants of the world
"Our houses are no longer cash machines," says Allen Sinai, chief economist at Decision Economics, who took part in the AP survey.
By keeping interest rates at record lows,footprints in my words the Fed intends to encourage people and companies to spend more and invigorate the recovery. But anxiety over unemployment, and a reluctance or inability to borrow, will also restrain consumer spending, economists say. puts off its mask of vastness
"We're not going to see any irrational exuberance from consumers this year," says Joel Naroff, president of Naroff Economic Advisors, another survey participant.Like many Americans, Michaela O'Brien of Northampton, Mass., is trying to cope with personal damage from the worst recession since the 1930s. O'Brien's husband, Nathaniel Reade, 51, lost his job two years ago as a magazine editor. Since then, they've seen the valuekiss of the eternal of their home slip. So they're spending less.Gone are the health club memberships, ski passes and camp for their two children. "We mostly cut back on what people would consider frivolous things," O'Brien says.She gets around in a 2000 Toyota Corolla, her husband in a 13-year old Subaru."We hope we don't have to buy a car anytime soon," says O'Brien, 49, a self-employed publicist. Still, she says they are fortunate because they're able to pay their mortgage.Economists say it may take until at least the middle of the decade for home values to begin rising normally again. The biggest asset for many Americans, homes have appreciated an average 4 percent a year since World War II, economists say.
National house prices have never remained flat while the economy was growing, says Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody's Analytics, which

Self Assessmen

?20 yrs work experience,10 yrs as senior manager, 7 yrs as top management role in MNC, full responsible for P/L. chi hair straightenerchi hair straightener
?Well organized, highly motivated. Hands on person.?Sound knowledge and practice in implementation of management and quality tools, as 6 sigma, chi straightenerTPM, lean production, 5S, etc.?Strong technical background. 7 yrs experience in manufacturing /assembly industry for automotive and home appliances business.?Excellent English Career chi straightener chi flat iron
Objective:Develop company strategies inline with group business target. Generate detailed action plans and implement. Responsible for P/L and business growth, supervising business operations with total employees around 200 people.chi flat iron
? Transfer more production from group companies to China, balance group production capacity.? Restructure business function unit, optimize resource allocation, establish and improve standard business operation procedure.? Build up HR resource pool and improve key personnel’s qualification to sustain long term business growth.? Optimize operation efficiency and cost reduction.? Establish New product development procedure and Develop new product.? Expediate localization progress, material and marketingOperation Director (iamond H Controls Ltd. UK)
Report to: CEO (UK)General Manager (Diamond Asia Controls HK Mfg. China)Report to: DHC board and CEOFull responsible for business activities of DAC factory site in China.• Review business strategy with 3 directors at board level. Control a budget of £3.5 million for operational section. Report to CEO.• Overview performance of operational section, supervise 6 senior manager of DAC’s business function unit.Key Achievements: Turned business around and achieved profitbility in 2006 in 3 years time. Achieved highest quality level in the company history (344ppm level for ER product) Rated as ‘Class A suplier’ by Electrolux(UK), first time ever in the history of the company.  Because of the remarkable quaity success, we historically started to talk to Electrolux Luxemburge (Elextrolux headquator) about replacing EGO products with DHC products, across their woldwide plants. (Project is still on going) Started domestic sales with 50-80% gross margin. In hous process capability improved from 5000ppm to around 1300ppm, average CPK for key process around 0.9( for more detail, please see my detailed CV in word format attached below)